Bubble Soccer RegistratioN

Thank you for your interest in participating in the 3v3 Bubble Soccer Tournament hosted by our student ministry RUCKUS STUDENTS on April 23, 2016 at 4:00pm

Here are some helpful tips as you register:

1. This tournament is for ages 12 and up and will be physical. If you have physical limitations or health issues participation in this event is NOT recommended. The bubble soccer balls are 100% safe when used properly. Although highly unlikely, we cannot guarantee injuries will not occur. The player assumes all risk like with any sport or competition. 

2. A complete list of rules will be emailed to the team captain once your team is registered. 

3. ONLY the team captain needs to register your team. If you do not have a team you can register as a "SOLO" player. We cannot guarantee that you will be placed on a team. It depends on how many other "SOLO" players have registered. 

4. Although this is a student ministries event, adult leaders are encouraged to participate as well.  There are different age and gender groups to make the playing field even. There is also an "anything goes" group. 

5. If you you are registering MORE THAN ONE TEAM please fill out a registration form for as many teams or divisions you plan on participating in.  

EX: 1 team = 1 form; 2 teams = 2 forms ...etc

6. This is event is free, however, DONATIONS to offset some of the cost will be greatly appreciated! 


Any questions? Contact Pastor Mike @ (919)223-8534 or mike@abundantlifetexoma.church

Thanks again! Good Luck!