I  <3  Durant

Saved people serve.  We  believe very strongly in the power of serving the community to grow the church. Serving isn’t some trick to create growth, or some way to tie God’s hands and force Him to grow your church, serving is a way to treat people the way God wants to see them treated, and it’s the very essence of God’s personality. That’s why it’s so powerful. WE LOVE DURANT so we are going to serve the city! 


Of course, the hardest part of serving is figuring out what to do, so here are a couple of ideas:  Pick up trash, do "random acts of kindness" with the YOU MATTER cards, visit nursing homes, volunteer at the soup kitchen, have a free carwash, give out bottles of water or free coffee...THE IDEAS ARE ENDLESS!  Thank you for loving Durant as much as Abundant Life Texoma does!